Camp program 2024

Program variety

The main emphasis is on variety. The daily routine is understandably regular, but games and activities change every day. We keep an eye on the balance between physical and intellectual activities, between active and passive free time, or competing and improving language skills. We don't leave children to do their own thing too often, because we know that they get bored quickly and easily, which is not why they are here. The most important aspect of our interaction with children is getting them to know that they use English unconsciously. For native speakers of English we want to provide a positive multicultural experience and an opportunity to discover more about linguistic diversity.

Main camp game

The link between each of the camp's ten days is the game. It's called TEN DAYS IN THE WILD WEST. The participants of our camps are already used to the fact that we are always in one of the English-speaking countries and we get to know its life and customs. After having visited England, Australia, Hollywood, Scotland, New York, the British Asian empire, London, having driven across the USA, visited New Zealand with the Tasmanian devil, accepted an invitation to the Emerald Isle, saddled up with cowboys on the open plains of Texas, experienced Hawaiian luaus and volcanoes, we admired the elegant glory of Route 66, and we learned the 12 steps of traditional Scottish dance, experienced the gold rush period in California, we explored Alaska the northernmost and largest state in the United States and went all the way to the moon as part of the American Apollo space program, this year we are taking a step back in time by going straight to the Wild West! That's why we've called this year's main camp game TEN DAYS IN THE WILD WEST! The Wild West, also called the American Frontier or Old West, is an era in American history that took place largely in the second half of the 19th century. This period is characterized by the development of settlement west of the Mississippi River, the discovery of untamed nature, the establishment of the first towns, and also by conflicts between Indians and newly arrived colonists. But the Wild West is not just a chapter in United States history; it is a vivid portrait of a time when American identity was being formed, presenting a fascinating mosaic of historical events, heroes, and unexpected moments. Journey to the West, the Gold Rush, the legends, and curiosities of the Old West, show us how exceptionally colorful and adventurous this period was. The Louisiana Purchase Treaty of 1803 can probably be considered a key moment in the early days of the Wild West. At that time, the United States purchased from Napoleon the territory west of the Mississippi River to the crests of the Rocky Mountains.
This created a once so large area for further exploration and settlement. The Appalachian Mountains were no longer an insurmountable obstacle, and the journey westward gradually became a symbol of the American dream. As the Wild West was settled, towns like Dodge City, Tombstone and Deadwood were founded. These urban legends were known for their saloons, gambling and lawless lifestyles. Power struggles in these towns often resulted in shootouts. But the year 1848 brought an important change that ended the age of pioneer discovery and triggered a truly massive arrival of new settlers. The California Gold Rush became a crucial event in the further development of the Wild West. The race to richness attracted people from all over the world. The economy boomed, cities like San Francisco and Sacramento experienced unprecedented growth, but society was also confronted with new challenges – from legal issues related to gold mining, and the rise of the first labor movements, to increased tensions between ethnic groups. While many people associate the Wild West with cities and plains full of bison, life on farms and ranches was essential to the settlement of this area. Farmers faced difficult conditions, from droughts to winter storms. But their work was essential to supplying the towns and maintaining stability on the American Frontier. Railroad expansion was another important factor in the development of the Wild West. The first transcontinental railroad, completed in 1869, allowed the more rapid movement of people and goods. Unfortunately, the rise of the Wild West also led to many tragedies. Indian wars and massacres, such as the Battle of Wounded Knee and the Battle of the Little Bighorn, represented the dark side of this period. Prairie dwellers who had lived in harmony with nature were exposed to oppression, and their culture was seriously suppressed. The image of the Wild West is also largely determined by cowboys as symbols of freedom and courage.

Their skills in horseback riding, revolver shooting, and arid country lifestyle are romanticized until today. However, the golden era of cowboys and huge herds of cattle was quite short lived as the development of the railroad and the arrival of new technologies changed the way cattle were transported and raised. One example is the invention of barbed wire, which made corralling of cattle possible. However, there were also other characters in the Wild West who stood out and helped to popularize this fascinating period. Buffalo Bill, for example, became famous as a bison hunter, a great marksman, and the creator of the Wild West Show, a circus act that sparked interest in the Wild West all over the world. Calamity Jane, a well-known real-life character, was an adventurous woman who participated in many historical events, including the Battle of the Little Bighorn. On the other side of the law there were characters like Billy the Kid and Jesse James, who were known for their gritty heists and became legendary outlaws. Their stories are intertwined with history, and although they can often be exaggerated, they have become part of the legacy of the Wild West. Consider for example the so-called "Great Train Robbery" of 1878, when a band of bandits led by Jesse James robbed a train full of gold. This case, though criminal, eventually became part of popular culture and endures until today as a symbol of the Wild West. Despite all the challenges and conflicts, there were also many funny and unexpected situations in the Wild West. A curious example was the "poker war" in Kansas in 1887, where there were a series of clashes between two groups of poker players trying to dominate the gambling business. This bizarre event shows how the social norms and laws may have changed at the time and how some conflicts were managed. Many legends were born in the Wild West. One, for example, says that Peg Leg Smith found a lost city full of gold. His story, however, contains elements of mystery and humour, as he claimed that the key to finding the town lies in finding its lost wooden leg. Clowns also played an important role in the excitement and entertainment. One of the most famous was Pecos Bill, a fictional character who, according to legend, was supposed to have grown up among the Indians and become the best cowboy, hunting guard, and buffoon in the west. Humorous were often also the marriage announcements in the newspapers – "Looking for a wife. She must be able to ride a horse. If she can't ride a horse, that's not a problem, but it would be nice." These hilarious events and interesting stories not only are adding historical depth to the Wild West, but also a dash of humor and humanity that makes it even more fascinating. The Wild West also had a significant influence on the development of cinematography. In the early 20th century, the first western films began to be made, depicting the adventures and conflicts of that time period. It was also the location where national parks began to be settled. Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872, was the world's first national park. With the beginning of the 20th century, the Wild West started to disappear permanently. The end was inevitable as settlement and changes in American society progressed. Slowly, the romantic ideals of the era of adventure were retreating to a more civilized arrangement. Nevertheless, the legacy of the Wild West persists to the present time, not only in cultural context, but also in the values of courage, freedom, and endurance that continue to shape American identity even now. Those who will come with us to the Wild West will never regret it, because together with traditional camp games and competitions there are always some new and unusual ones. We want everyone to get something special, so the realization of the games is always guaranteed by the English-speaking instructors and the Czech staff. The main aim of the games is to inconspicuously support language skills development, naturally flowing communication, and learning competencies that will be used in conversations on trips abroad and as the time goes at the English Graduation Exam.

Daily program

What do children need to take for themselves? Suitable clothing for the camp's daily program, a swimming suit, a table tennis paddle, maybe a guitar for singing at the campfire, and glitter for the disco – all of these things will certainly be useful at EUROCAMP. Each morning the children will eat breakfast together and afterwards will set off with their leaders to the morning activities. During this time, they will learn all the important vocabulary and facts about that day's main event. It's not just a boring lecture – it's great fun. They will play many sports as well. Because we care about the balance between mental and physical activities, we offer many different sports that are suitable for everyone. Throughout these activities the children are, of course, using English as their primary spoken language. After lunch there is a rest period which is just the right time for relaxing in the pleasant shade of their cabins or watching their favourite movie. Afterwards there is a short afternoon meeting where everybody learns about the rest of the day's program – so straightaway an afternoon full of adventure can begin. We will travel back in time and set off for the Wild West! Not only will this be the backdrop for cowboys and Indians, but many stories of people who dared to follow their dreams into the unknown will come to life. We will take a journey with heroes and adventurers and their stories will remind us that even in the wilderness we can find not only danger, but also friendship, courage, and endless adventures. May the Wild West be alive! Finally, in the evening there is a discussion of the day's activities related to the camp game and then everyone is ready for a disco, movie, campfire, or any number of interesting and fun activities. This is why the children will return home full of new skills, many beautiful memories, and the experience of a true bilingual camp.


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