for EUROCAMP 2024

Please fill in the required information about yourself and right after we will send you the application form  (English version) for the children's camp EUROCAMP 2024. Don’t forget to put down your complete address together with country of origin. Choose which term of the camp you are requesting. You may order more than one application form, for example for siblings. We can send you an application form by e-mail or by post. Choose your method of the delivery. If you choose to send the form by email, please also check your spam folder, just in case of non-delivery. In case you would like to give us more specific information, use the column "additional message". Please fill in all required data and verify reCAPTCHA. Finally, be sure that you have sent the form. The success of your request is indicated on the final page, right after you submit the form. Your e-mail or address will be used to confirm your application and to send you the required documents.

If your chosen term is already fully booked and another of the available terms does not work for you, please contact us by phone on +420 602 326 747. We will be happy to check the latest availability.

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