Why Eurocamp?

Have you ever been to summer camp? Did you enjoy it? Did you play lots of games, perhaps volleyball and football? Did you take part in camp competitions with nightly contests and sing around a campfire? Or were you just bored? Well, this is your big chance to come and have a wonderful time with us at our camp! Why don’t you give it a try?

Our camp is great

During the morning, we spend lots of time either on the sports fields, near the water or in the forest. Some people might prefer swimming while others prefer playing football. Have you ever played pétanque or cricket? Be sure that during all these activities only English is used! After lunch, there is a rest period followed by the main focus of the whole day – the summer camp game! Every day one part is completed through games, competition, and teamwork. It is very exciting – one day you will be fighting against each other, the next day searching for stuff in the forest and another day you will be creating a theatrical play. We are always like in one of the English-speaking countries. We have visited England, Australia, Hollywood, Scotland, New York, the British-Asian Empire and London. We have dreamt the American Dream, visited the Tasmanian Devil down under and searched for treasure at the end of the rainbow in Ireland. We went to Texas and lived amongst the cowboys and the kings of oil, we joyfully yelled "Aloha!" in Hawaii, we drove down the most famous road in the world, the classic all-American Route 66, we better discovered the country of Loch Ness Monster, we experienced an American-style adventure in California, we ventured to Alaska, the largest and least populated state in the United States, and last year, together with twelve American astronauts in the Apollo program, we set foot on the Moon. This year, we are going to the Wild West to see the legends of the American frontier! Ahoy adventurers! Prepare for a long journey across the North American continent, a journey beyond the frontier explored, where every step is shrouded in adventure and every shot can mean a new chapter in the history of the United States of America! But let's get this straight. The first thing you need to know is that the Wild West wasn't just a boring landscape of sand and cactus. No, no! It was a place where incredible adventures took place. On one side were brave cowboys who wore wide-brimmed hats and rode horses. And on the other side were Indians who were great hunters and lived in harmony with nature. And what about those huge herds of massive bison! It was a sight to take your breath away. Bison, which we also call American buffalo, were giant hairy quadrupeds that roamed the plains, looking like huge hairy hills, and were very important to the Indians. They used every part of the bison – meat for food, skins for clothing and bones for tools. Nothing was thrown away! But be warned, it wasn't always just fun. The Wild West also had its dark side. There were gangs of criminals trying to steal cattle and make other troubles. And of course, we can't forget famous gunslingers like Wild Bill and Jesse James. These guys carried guns like you carry a cell phone in your pocket, they were fast as lightning, but sometimes unfortunately they were on the wrong side of the law! Back then, when people were moving west and setting up new farms and towns, it also meant conflicts with the Native Americans, as we correctly call the Indians, which then led to many confrontations. During our adventure, it is also worth to mention the famous transcontinental Pacific railroad, which was the first to allow train travel to the west coast of California as early as 1869. You may now recall a pretty suspenseful scene from classic western movies when such a train is ambushed, but the railroad was a major improvement at that time. Just imagine - now you're not only standing on vast plains, but you can see one new town and another next to the railroad, as well as the first construction of the telegraph, which was sort of the ancient internet of that time. Thanks to the telegraph, news could spread faster than with the famous Pony Express postal service. Messages no longer had to be carried on horseback and it didn't take days for them to reach the remote parts of the west. Despite all these interesting facts, the Wild West was not just about men. There were also brave women who weren't afraid to enter the world of cowboys. One of them was Calamity Jane, who was not only an excellent shooter, but also a great rider. Or Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first female doctor in the Wild West and managed to establish herself in the male doctors' world, saving many lives. Now imagine you're living in this exciting time. When the roads were full of dust, endless plains all around you, cowboys said "Howdy" instead of "Hello", and when every night you sat around the fire telling stories under the stars. Every day must have been a new adventure! But you know what is the best? That the Wild West is still alive! You can still see cowboys and Indians at rodeos showing off their skills riding wild bulls. And if you go to a natural wildlife preserve today, you can see herds of bison running free like they used to. Well, that is something, isn't it? Not only the night fires, but also the dance evenings at the disco are great! Experience all of this and much much more. Come and join us for TEN DAYS IN THE WILD WEST!

EUROCAMP is spectacular! If you still don’t believe it, come and see it with your own eyes. And the nightly contest – you shouldn’t miss it! But don´t worry – if you are really scared, we don't force anyone to attend. The Wild West period lasted approximately 50 years; it was a time in the late 19th century when new settlers were moving beyond settlement further west in the United States. These are stories of conquest, but also of survival, perseverance, and the melding of peoples and cultures that gave America its rebirth and new life. You'll spend just TEN DAYS with us, but that makes it even more intense! Now put on your best cowboy hat, hop on your stallion, and take off on an endless journey of adventure! The Wild West awaits you with open arms. Don't be afraid to dream, because in the Wild West, anything was possible! Yeehaw! We look forward to meeting new friends and seeing old ones as well.

If you expect groups of people sleeping in tents and washing in the river, forget it! We’ve got a beautiful place between the river and the forest. We stay in wooden cottages and there is hot water running in the showers. Better yet, you’ll be with really cool people!

Don’t think we’re just any old camp, because we are special and different, if that’s what you’re looking for. There are two leaders for each team – one is Czech and the other is American, English, Canadian, Irish, or Australian. Really! It’s not unusual that you will be on a team with a girl or boy from America or Austria, but don’t worry. You’ll be able to make friends, because you will be using English. If you don’t understand, there will always be someone to help you translate, either your new Czech friend or one of the leaders. We all help each other.

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