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If you are interested and our English camp suits both you and your children, we will be pleased to respond to all of your questions, see contacts below. We’ll send you the required application form and all necessary information. You can reserve the term and apply for the application form on-line now; all you need to do is enter data about yourself in the form on the next page.

After we receive the application form back from you, your place is booked. Directly after we receive it, we will send you the booking confirmation by e-mail. The application form also contains the necessary information required to make the payment for the camp. Payment should be done in EUR or the equivalent amount in USD. The number of the application form should be used as the reference number of your payment. This is the best way to identify your payment when you pay through your bank from abroad. Later, in the beginning of June, you will receive by e-mail all important information regarding departure and return, everything the children should have with them and a map directing you to the place of departure of the buses or to our camp area. The health statement that will need to be signed by a parent before departure will also be enclosed. In case of any difficulties completing your application form or regarding your payment, please inform us. Of course, we offer the possibility of pick up by our representative at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague or at the main train or bus station in Prague.


Transport from and to Prague is provided in the form of modern Mercedes and VDL buses and is not included in the price of the camp, the return journey is a single charge of 25 EUR, i.e. 28 USD for round trip. If you don't require our buses for transportation to the camp or you just want to know where EUROCAMP is located, you can look up the map.


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After filling in the form on the next page, you’ll receive an application form and all documents.

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Terms Dates Price
I. 1 July - 10 July 2023 320,- EUR i.e. 350,- USD
II. 10 July - 19 July 2023 320,- EUR i.e. 350,- USD
III. 19 July - 28 July 2023 320,- EUR i.e. 350,- USD
IV. 1 August - 10 August 2023 320,- EUR i.e. 350,- USD
V. 10 August - 19 August 2023 320,- EUR i.e. 350,- USD
VI. 19 August - 28 August 2023 320,- EUR i.e. 350,- USD

The listed price includes VAT.

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