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Summer Offer 2017 – 12th edition

EUROPEAN SCOPE. Each member of the European Union wants to display its best qualities and the Czech Republic is no different. Among our large variety of cultural traditions, let´s not forget the one which sets us apart from other foreign countries, summer camps for children. In these camps, our country offers an excellent range of childcare. In the European Union there is an increasing emphasis on finding a common language ability in resolving various issues which affect all of us. The starting point is to encourage young people not only towards mutual tolerance, but also selfless friendship and, ultimately, to the meet other cultures, which is a prerequisite for us in Europe in order to be able to correctly interpret the values that unite us. That’s why, since 2006, we have presented a new kind of camp program – EUROCAMP.


WHAT DO WE MEAN BY "CAMP"? In principle, a group of children leave their homes to spend one or two weeks in a place surrounded by nature. They stay there without parents. More often than not they are accommodated in small cottages, sometimes in tents, which they have to put up themselves. The children are under constant supervision of adults who are skilled and responsible for them at all times. The camps have different durations, focuses and settings. Our EUROCAMP intends to build friendships between different nations, develop communication skills, and of course, improve sport skills.

WHAT CAN EUROCAMP OFFER? Our camp situated in the beautiful scenery of a south Bohemian valley between the towns of Tábor and Bechyně is open to children from all countries, because we are trying to remove language barriers. We use two languages to speak – Czech and English (an international language). Along with Czech leaders there are native English speakers who communicate with the children in English the whole day.

This means that each group has two adults who look after the children – one English leader and one Czech leader. This is a great combination for the children: there is always the possibility to ask one of the leaders to translate. Of course, there will also be new friends and campmates to help as well. That’s why foreign children may join our camp – they do not have to be afraid of misunderstanding or miscommunication. At the same time the children take part in various activities and are compelled to be in continuous contact with the English language. On the other hand they are not forced to use only English. It’s up to them how they get on with the language. For children from English speaking countries it’s an excellent occasion to assist with language and easily make friends from different nations. Moreover, they may get their first experience with different languages.


EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTION TO CHILDREN. There is a really big and obvious advantage – children who are not from English speaking countries are in a good learning environment with organised contact with a foreign language. Even weaker or shy children are able to be a part of everyday communication with native English speakers. This is something that native English speaking children can help with, and thereby become active participants of the camp. One other point is very interesting, too. Children from different countries are all together and so they don’t just improve their speaking skills, they also improve their ability to adapt to a multicultural environment. This is really important for children growing up in a united Europe and further in a new global world. This is why our camp wants to support and develop children’s attitudes. In addition, we are prepared to stand up against xenophobia, racially motivated prejudice and intolerance.

We would like to offer not only a camp full of healthy activities in the fresh air, but also to help children become responsible and well-educated individuals with good language skills. The European Communities share a common goal to promote linguistic diversity and language learning. The primary aim of education in the Czech Republic is to create conditions for the development of language knowledge and language competence of inhabitants in society. For further information about their objectives, please refer to the Education program in the Czech Republic (available in Czech only). We believe that EUROCAMP presents the best choice of language education as a complement to school language education. For English speaking children this is the best way to experience a unique multicultural environment.


WHY SOUTH BOHEMIA? WHY CZECH REPUBLIC? It's generally known that children will become bored or restless unless their activities are many and varied. They will unconsciously take part in learning English the whole day. Non-native English speakers will not notice that they are in the process of learning English while native English speaking children will be exposed to a variety of foreign languages. We guarantee a varied camp program each day. All of this is in the middle of attractive scenery. The Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe, and South Bohemia belongs to part of the Czech Republic with the purest nature full of large forests. There is another exciting point: beautiful, historic small cities. Our camp is situated between the towns Tábor and Bechyně. There are many mysterious ruins, caves, and also one rare national technical monument – the chain bridge that was built in the Empire style above the Lužnice River near our camp. Thanks to the quiet Lužnice we might use it either for rowing in small boats or for swimming. Moreover the area is equipped with good sports facilities, its own sports grounds, and spaces for playing volleyball, table tennis and of course big rooms for indoor activities, in case of bad weather. The children are accommodated preferably in four-bed wooden cottages or in comfortable rooms in our main building. They are served five meals during the day. There are modern sanitary facilities with toilets and warm water, which having been recently reconstructed, provide the highest standard. The location in a beautiful and quiet environment in the middle of the woods creates the perfect camp.


HAVE TRUST IN US. The 12th year of EUROCAMP follows with 23 years of camp experience with SUMMER TIME – www.detskytabor.cz and for the last fifteen years the very popular ENGLISH 4 YOU – www.englishcamp.eu. The excellent reception of our camps (read the references here – mostly in Czech) has testified that children love staying here and parents have confidence in us. That’s why you should think about us and accept our invitation for this year’s camp game TEN DAYS IN HAWAII. Don’t miss summer 2017 with a camp that promotes a new, modern approach to using the English language in a multicultural environment. Welcome to our language camp! Welcome to EUROCAMP – YOUR SUMMER ENGLISH HOLIDAYS!

AGES, TERMS AND PRICE. The camp is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 16 years who have at least a basic knowledge of English or are native speakers of English. One week is not enough for the specific needs of our EUROCAMP, but two weeks in a multicultural ambience may be too much for the younger ones, which is why we arrange ten day groups in these terms (all prices are quoted in Euros and USD):





1 July - 10 July 2017

212,- EUR i.e. 222,- USD


10 July - 19 July 2017

212,- EUR i.e. 222,- USD


19 July - 28 July 2017

212,- EUR i.e. 222,- USD


5 August - 14 August 2017

212,- EUR i.e. 222,- USD


14 August - 23 August 2017

212,- EUR i.e. 222,- USD


23 August - 1 September 2017

212,- EUR i.e. 222,- USD

There are comfortable buses reserved for transportation to our camp (departure from Prague).
The price includes VAT.

If you are interested we are happy to provide further information and application forms:

SYKA AGENCY a.s., travel agency, Křenova 438/7, 162 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic Email: email@anglickytabor.cz
Pavel Jahelka, program coordinator, Phone: +420 602 326 747 or +420 223 010 176
Ing. Josef Syka, responsible representative, Phone: +420 602 255 859
Bc. Zuzana Pospíšilová, main leader of the camp, Phone: +420 728 527 037
RNDr. Veronika Švadlenková, main leader of the camp, Phone: +420 775 041 421

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